Ridley Scott's 1985 gem Legend is a true masterpiece. Its the ultimate fantasy, threads of romance, desire, adventure, danger, and innocence are woven together masterfully to form a an intriguing, beautiful story. That combined with the awe-inspiring cinematography, beautiful costumes, and spirit-lifting score makes for one great movie. Well, enough of my boring opinion, on to what you want, the information...

Cast and Characters

These pages are my masterpiece :) If you only visit one section, visit these. They contain information on the actors and characters, with sounds, quotes, and pictures(samples of the other pages) for them.


Just what it says it is, sound clips from the movie. I think I have about 70, maybe a few more, at least a couple from everyone.


Not too many pictures, the pictures I captured are not the best quality. There are also a bunch of others from the Legend FAQ and of the covers.


The crew who worked so hard to create Legend. I don't have much information on them(except plenty on Ridley Scott) but I have as much as I could find.


Links to other fan pages, reviews, informational web sites, the illustrious Legend FAQ, and anything else I could get my hands on.

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